The Four

These are the original Horsemen Of. Their legend is where our story begin.

Props, Costumes & Creations from the raddest married couple residing in the great city of Phx, Arizona. “Televisions Garrick Backer” was on Cosplay Melee once. How Jackie still puts up with him is a great mystery.

Oh and they have a tiny cat. His name is Bastion. He likes to “help out.”

Paul is a prior military member who has seen the world, but claims Texas as his homeland. He can be found in the fabrication shop listening to David Bowie or sitting with Deb planning out designs for accessories.  He’s a vicious movie critic, confides in his dog, and regularly forgets to eat (but not drink) when he’s working.

Deb is a southern lady who has found her knack for taking 2D concepts and bringing them to life in multi-layered & eye catching glory.  She’s fiery, tough, & has a relentless work ethic. She also loves nerd fashion.

But soon The Four realized what could be accomplished by anointing additional Riders. Here listed are the souls who are intertwined with the Horsemen Of. 

Crafter, cosplayer, cartoonist!

Twitter & Instagram: @shannwich


We’re Kevin and Taylor! We love to cosplay, nerd out hard, and go on adventures! Email: TheCosplayBakery@icloud.com

I wasn’t always into photography and I have never shot film.  I used to draw, color, and design all through my school years.  I purchased my first digital camera in 2000 and fell in love instantly.  Since then I have learned as much as I can about creating art through photography.  I don’t design shoots, or plan my digital art at least not for now.  I am inspired by my subject, location, their story, and the weather.  Once I get on location and see my subject we chat a little and then magic starts to happen.  Contact me if you want to create art and magic, because these are not just photographs.

I’m Deegan! I wear monochrome clothes and Spider-Man hoodies. I’m a photographer/videographer by day, potato by night. I shoot all kinds of material but specialize in product, cosplay, and music. I watch violent anime and suck at video games. Sometimes i cosplay! I’m at a lot of conventions and also travel the world!

What’s shaken my bacon’s!?! Into all things costuming, crafting, fitness, food, and the likes.