Chronicle 2: Chapter 1: Phantom Thieves! Find the safe room party!

The Horsemen took the bros for a spin all last year, had some fun, traveled the land, and then they had an idea. What if they brought their love of partying medium and gatherings of friends to cons in the form of events and parties.

This is how the Persona 5 themed event was born.

We go to SDCC almost every year and hang outside the con going to all of the fun “hidden events” outside of the actual con. These can range from themed parties, to scavenger hunts, to having to solve puzzles and riddles to get keys and tokens to open up secret rooms in random buildings in the gas lamp district. It’s nuts! We wanted to bring some of that to Phoenix during Phoenix con and give people something new.

There is a speakeasy inside of a coffee shop and bar called The Grand. Jackie had just started playing Persona 5 and would not shut up about it. Her and Garrick had decied to try this coffee shop out and then the idea happened. The coffee shop looks like the inside of the coffee shop that Akira, the main character in the game, lives in. On the top floor you can enter “Sanctum” the speakeasy and once inside it looks like you switched over into the metaverse. Low, red lights, velvet walls, antique looking self indulgent paintings, and long gaudy couches. This was the PERFECT location for a Persona photoshoot!

We contacted the place were able to rent the space out and decided to up it a notch, let’s make this a party! Since the space was small, we wanted to give a hint to the events at SDCC but also have a way to crowd control. We came up with an online scavenger hunt idea, made the questions in line with what you find in the game, all formatted in a way that you would be led by the guide Morgana, and set out to advertise! We worked with our friends at The Geek Lyfe to help promote and get hype and day over we handed out phantom thief calling cards with the QRC code to start the hunt.

Once solved, the guests were greeted by Justine and Caroline the games resident jailers who guarded the door, themed drinks, and a slew of persona characters commiserating and planning their next heist.

Here are some photos from the event: